Society today is showing an increasing tendency towards healthier habits and this is reflected in something as basic as food. People now are asking more and more questions of the following type: What am I really eating? What ingredients does this dish have in it?…for this reason weare seeing how society is slowly becoming more minamalistic and with the idea of “back to basics” coming to the forefront.

This tendency towards a more natural, additive-free and chemical -free diet and trying to go back to what our ancestors tasted is no longer limited to eating at home, but rather it is now reaching the restaurant sector.

There are more and more ecological food restaurants who try to offer their clients 100% natural products, merged with good cooking methods by their professional chefs. This additive -free food also includes the “Km0” concept, where the onus lies on local produce, with fewer middlemen, making the concept of “from farm to fork” even more visible, which is the one of aims or wishes of consumers when buying products with ecological labels. Many restaurants are attempting to implement the Km0 concept, particularly in areas where the culinary culture is significantly integrated, for example, in the north of Spain, where food is normally understood to be more natural and of a higher quality.
Clients, also highly influenced by the “foodie” environment, become very demanding and when they visit restaurants it is no longer enough for the food to be delicious; they also want it to be healthy and good quality, avoiding all the chemicals and additives that are frequently found in food.

At Alex y Soler products are offered taking the new social trends into account to ensure that clients can meet the important needs and wishes of their own customers. We work with local suppliers and national producers, in addition to being in contact with distributors who have the highest innovation worldwide in order to generate a business environment that meets the requirements of quality, innovation and proximity which, as we can see, are in such high demand at present.